September 2021Increased capital to 40,000,000 JPY(\)
July 2021

Change of officers in our company

  • Representative Director: Yasushi Taki
  • Director: Koichi Maejima
  • Director:Hironori Oguma
January 2021Change in corporation name to TeraCloud Co., Ltd.
November 2020Increased capital to 30,000,000 JPY(\)
July 2020Began providing a "public cloud link" service, which is a private connection to the public cloud.
February 2020Launch of cloud-based VPN service
November 2019Joined the Japan Internet Providers Association
September 2019Received the 2019 Oracle Excellence Award for Infrastructure Transformation
October 2018

Change of officers in our company

  • Representative Director: Yasushi Taki
  • Director: Koichi Maejima
  • Director: Sayaka Yokoi
January 2018Signing of Shimizu S-Pulse Club partnership contract
November 2016Release of WIKIPLUS Ver 4.0
November 2016Nico Nico Live Broadcast "Junko Iwao Channel" is now available
June 2016Received a business transfer for a shared rental server service from a large corporation and began supplying JPWS, a shared rental server service.
April 2016Started sponsorship with KBS Kyoto Radio "Happy Flight of Junko Iwao"
July 2015Formed business alliance with Kokusai Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. and started providing Solaris SPARC cloud migration service.
December 2014Release of WIKIPLUS Ver 3.0
December 2014Strengthening of the cloud business, changing executive personnel, and modifying the corporate logo
September 2014

Change of officers in our company

  • Representative Director: Yasushi Taki
  • Director: Koichi Maejima
  • Director: Isao Shirai
January 2014Low-priced, large-capacity online cloud storage "TeraCLOUD" service launched
September 2013Launch of school site CMS service 
August 2013Increased capital to 15,000,000 JPY(\)
December 2012Solaris 11 x64 VPS Cloud and Solaris SPARC virtual private cloud service now available
October 2011Release of WIKIPLUS Ver 2.0
September 2010

Change of officers in our company

  • Representative Director: Yasushi Taki
  • Director: Sayaka Yokoi
  • Director: Koichi Maejima
December 2009

Change of officers in our company

  • Representative Director: Yasushi Taki
  • Director: Yusuke Fujimaki
  • Director: Sayaka Yokoi
October 2009Release of Enterprise WIKIPLUS
April 2009Launch of Solaris cloud service "Phase2 Server"
September 2008Increased capital to 10,000,000 JPY(\)
August 2008Joined the Solaris Community for Business
June 2008Began providing OneOffice with WikiPlus service through business alliance with TOKAI
March 2007Joined the Japan WEB Designers Association(JWDA)
February 2007Type 2 telecommunications carrier notification, notification number C-18-1421
November 2006WikiPlus Ver 1.2,sales started by sales partners
July 2006

Reorganized into Just Player Co., Ltd.

  • Representative Director: Yasushi Taki
  • Director: Yusuke Fujimaki
  • Director: Nobuo Sakai
March 2006Opened Japan's first P2P broadband benchmark site Torrentan.net 
February 2006WikiPlus, a SaaS type CMS service, approved a management innovation strategy based on the Shizuoka Prefecture SME New Business Activity Promotion Law (Shizuoka Prefecture SME Innovation Law)
September 2005The 4Gamer Game Loader service began distributing game software, and a corporate relationship was formed: BB server (currently Aetas)
September 2005SaaS type CMS service WikiPlus service launched
March 2004Established WEB design department
September 2003Dedicated mail server centerMail Enterprise service launched
March 2003Establish WEB System Development Department
November 2002Rental WEB server Phase1Plus service and rental mail server centerMail service launched
August 2002

Developed a distributed distribution system for game software

  • Released HeartfeltHeart for Windows XP
November 2001

Founded Just Player Co., Ltd.

  • Representative Director: Yasushi Taki
  • Director: Takaki Ichikawa