Part-Time Job

Part-time jobs

Office Work

1. Purchasing equipment and items to be used

  • Creating a list of goods/equipment (collaboration work with full-time employees).
  • Product research (investigation of stores, availability, price, etc.)
  • Confirmation of delivery

2. Spare parts management

  • Creating and pasting labels used for goods management, etc.
  • Management check/preparation of used goods (based ;on checklist)

3. Document preparation

  • Organize work notes for engineers
  • Information recording in the in-house system (Redmine)


Application Method/Conditions

Application Conditions
  • Any legal working age, educational background, foreigners allowed.
  • Those who are interested and/or experienced in the work above.
  • Individuals that are outgoing and have a desire to work for a growing company on a worldwide scale.
  • Part-time work starts at 1,200+ Japanese yen/hour (including student part-time jobs).
Work environment
  • No uniform (office casual).
  • Recently moved to a new, centralized office in July of 2021.
  • A relaxing, casual break room perfect for studying and chatting with other TeraCloud members.
  • There are several learning opportunities and possibilities to improve your skills.
  • Current full-time students who formerly worked part-time at TeraCloud while in school.
Working Hours
  • Working hours are from 11:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m., with shifts lasting three hours or more.
  • The part-time assignment is entirely up to you.
  • Saturdays, Sundays, and National Holidays
  • New Years holiday break and summer vacation
Work Location
  • TeraCloud's main office in Shizuoka City.
    Shizuoka office location ~7 minute walk from "New Shizuoka" station and ~9 from "Shizuoka" station. There is no transportation expense for part-time workers
Application method
  • Applications will be accepted at any time.
  • Please send the form below or the application documents by email or mail.
  • After our internal screening process, individual interviews will be held.
Application documents
  • Resume (photograph attached, email address required)
  • Job history book (if you have previous work history)
  • Any work to show your skills (business plan, self-made program, website, design, etc.) (optional)
  • Please send by mail or e-mail (attached files such as PDF are required) to the following.
Selection Flow
  • Step 1: Apply: Please provide the information asked for above to help the process be quick.
  • Step 2: Interview: 1~2 interviews will be held. Online interviews are available upon request.
  • Step 3: Status notification: You will be contacted ~10 days after the final interview via email or phone call with the results.
Application Destination
TeraCloud Co., Ltd.
2-1-5 Gofukucho, Gofukukan 5F
Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka

Email Address:recruit[at] (Please use the @ symbol when emailing your information)
Person in charge of the General Affairs and Personnel Division: Taki


Application Process

STEP1  Entry from within the site

If you have personal projects or previous work experience to provide us (business plan, self-made program, website, design, etc.) please prepare these materials to show us.

STEP2  Interview (1~2 times)

Those who pass the selection process will be interviewed. Online interviews are available upon request.

STEP3  Status Notification

Individuals will be contacted via phone call or email.

We will inform the individual on their selection result about 10 business days from the interview date.