Welcome to TeraCloud

Since its inception in 2001, when internet was still limited to a select few, TeraCloud has focused on "immediacy of software by using the Internet."

Presently, these visions have been achieved and using various technologies such as the cloud, internet, web, and mobile devices have become a common feature in our everyday world and habits. The "immediacy" during our early developments would eventually be realized because described as "unique and a forerunner to the future of technology." This same technology and enthusiasm that we developed during our initial stages as an organization still remains as a was described as "special and a forerunner to the future of technology," but the technology and enthusiasm that we have developed since our inception are part of the foundation that supports us.

Our objective has always been plain and transparent, and it will remain so. We're looking for people who want to work together to create a service that can be utilized from Shizuoka to the rest of Japan, with the goal of eventually going beyond Japan to the rest of the world.

TeraCloud Co. Ltd.,
Representative Director CEO and CTO
Yasushi Taki




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